Objective 6: Increase physical activity among people in Minnesota.


6.1 Advocate for sustained funding for local and statewide health improvement programs.

6.2 Implement policy, system and environmental interventions that increase physical activity.

See also the Minnesota Obesity Plan.


Adults age 18+ who are physically inactivei, ii

TARGET 9.0 %
15.7 %

Adults who meet CDC requirements for physical activityiii

TARGET 67.0 %

Boys/girls who say they have exercised or participated in sports that made them sweat or breathe hard for at least 20 minutes at least three of the last seven daysiv
(BMI > 95th percentile)

6th Grade
TARGET 85.0/89.0 %

BASELINE 70.9/66.9 %

9th Grade
TARGET 88.0/86.0 %

BASELINE 73.7/68.0 %

12th Grade
TARGET 77.0/68.0 %

BASELINE 66.9/53.4 %

Boys/girls who say they have been physically active for a combined total of at least 30 minutes at least five of the past seven days13iv

6th Grade
TARGET 60.0/54.0 %

BASELINE 53.7/42.0 %

9th Grade
TARGET 68.0/60.0 %

BASELINE 62.9/50.1 %

12th Grade
TARGET 55.0/42.0 %

BASELINE 54.7/34.0 %

i. CDC and BRFSS. Prevalence and trends data, 2009.

ii. People are considered physically inactive if they report they have not participated in any physical activity in the past month.

iii. CDC and BRFSS. Prevalence and trends data, 2009. CDC recommends 30 minutes of moderate activity five or more times a week or 20 minutes of vigorous activity three or more times a week. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2008.

iv. MDH, MCHS. Minnesota student survey statewide tables, 2010.