Cancer Plan Minnesota is a written framework created to guide Minnesotans’ efforts to reduce the burden of cancer in our state. A process for updating the plan is currently underway.

Phase 4: Drafting the Plan

Work has begun on Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025, an updated framework to fight cancer at every opportunity. The goal is to design an innovative, dynamic plan that lays out next steps on five fronts:

  1. To prevent cancer from occurring;
  2. To detect cancer – in all its myriad forms — at the earliest possible stage, when it is typically most treatable;
  3. To treat ALL cancer patients with the most appropriate and effective therapies available;
  4. To optimize the quality of life of ALL cancer patients and those who love and care for them;
  5. To achieve health equity so that the disparities we see in cancer data disappear.

The plan will highlight strategies ready for action right now. And it will include ALL of the recommendations made by the six volunteer workgroups that met during April, May, and June to assess what can and should be done.

Recommended strategies posted

The recommended strategies, meeting summaries, and other documents created by the workgroups are available for review on the individual workgroup pages (Prevention APrevention BDetectionTreatment, SurvivorshipAdvance Care Planning/Hospice). As always, your feedback is welcome.

Updated plan aims for an even tighter focus on:

  • Aligning stakeholders to achieve the greatest impact;
  • Advancing health equity for all Minnesotans; and
  • Creating policy systems, and environmental change to sustain efforts.

Criteria for considering Cancer Plan strategies

Visit the Criteria page to view the criteria the Cancer Alliance’s Steering Committee will use to consider the strategies the six workgroups propose should be the state’s cancer control priorities over the next several years.

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  2. Spreading the word about the cancer plan to your colleagues, friends, and family.
  3. Becoming a member of the Minnesota Cancer Alliance at Join Us.

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