Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025

Objective 8

Reduce financial and legal burdens on cancer patients


8.1 Develop initiatives, including Medical Legal Partnerships, that address the financial and legal issues cancer patients face during and after treatment

8.2 Advocate for local, state and national policies to enhance and protect financial security when facing cancer (for example, mandatory paid sick leave, decreased wait period for Social Security Disability Insurance cash benefits and Medicare coverage to begin)

8.3 Use hospitals’ Community Health Needs Assessments to demonstrate cancer patients’ need for financial support and legal care services

8.4 Advocate for inclusion of financial and legal care provisions in bundled oncology care packages and other payment mechanisms

8.5 Work with nonprofit hospitals to direct community benefit dollars to agencies and partnerships that provide financial support and legal care services to cancer patients in need

8.6 Develop and pilot a short course on the social determinants of health and cancer for medical and law school students


Originally presented at Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017, this “Spotlight” presentation is intended to be a fast-paced introduction to this objective.


At Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017 small groups discussed the strategies corresponding with this objective. Below are their compiled notes:

No groups were formed to discuss strategies 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, and 8.6 at the Summit. If you would like to work on one of these strategies please email

At the Summit attendees were also asked to make specific pledges to strategies to help move the work forward. Find the list of who committed to objective 8 strategies here (scroll down to view all the corresponding strategies).


Original Cancer Plan Survivorship workgroup issue statement and draft objective on Financial Toxicity and Legal Issues.

Survivorship workgroup page.


Coming Soon!


Measure: Percent of cancer patients and survivors who experience financial and legal burdens
Data Source: Minnesota Cancer Survivorship Survey (to be developed)
Baseline: TBD Target: TBD