Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025

Objective 15

Reduce exposure to radon in residential properties and other buildings


15.1 Develop partnerships that will promote and increase testing and mitigation in residential properties and other buildings

15.2 Secure funding or policies that offset the cost of radon mitigation in low income neighborhoods

15.3 Require landlords in rental properties to test for radon and notify renters about radon levels in their building

15.4 Require building owners to test for and disclose radon in non-residential buildings such as schools and child care locations

15.5 Enhance data collection to compare the impact of radon in different geographic and socioeconomic communities

15.6 Build public awareness about the link between radon and lung cancer


Originally presented at Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017, this “Spotlight” presentation is intended to be a fast-paced introduction to this objective.


A strategy action group has formed to work on Strategy 15.1  For more information visit their group page.

At Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017 small groups discussed the strategies corresponding with this objective. Below are their compiled notes:


Original Cancer Plan Prevention workgroup draft objectives on Radon Stakeholders and Radon Statewide Policies.

Prevention workgroup page.


Coming Soon!


Measure: Number of residential properties/units in low income neighborhoods that install radon mitigation equipment
Data Source: MDH Indoor Air Unit Radon Survey (in development)
Baseline: TBD Target: 10% increase