Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025

Objective 11

Reduce use of commercial tobacco and nicotine delivery devices*


11.1 Maintain high prices for commercial tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes, for example)

11.2 Restrict the retail sale of menthol and other flavored tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems

11.3 Increase the minimum legal age to purchase commercial tobacco products to 21 years

11.4 Continue compliance and enforcement of existing policies and laws with dedicated resources

11.5 Assure the ongoing administration of the Minnesota Student Survey, the Youth Tobacco Survey and the Adult Tobacco Survey

*See the Minnesota Comprehensive Tobacco Control Framework 2016-2021 for additional strategies to reduce tobacco use and improve health


Originally presented at Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017, this “Spotlight” presentation is intended to be a fast-paced introduction to this objective.


A strategy action group has formed to work on Strategy 11.1  For more information visit their group page.

At Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017 small groups discussed the strategies corresponding with this objective. Below are their compiled notes:


Original Cancer Plan Prevention workgroup draft objectives on nicotine initiation prevention and tobacco control funding.

Prevention workgroup page.


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Measure: Percent of adults who smoke
Data Source: Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey
Baseline: 14.4% (2014) Target: 10.5%