Cancer Plan Minnesota 2025

Objective 10

Increase participation in cancer treatment clinical trials


10.1 Implement a statewide, culturally and linguistically appropriate media campaign to increase public awareness about the benefits of participating in clinical trials

10.2 Create a statewide centralized clinical trial database that enables health care providers and patients to locate current and accurate information about open trials

10.3 Establish and fund a Cancer Care Equity Program to help patients overcome financial barriers to participating in a clinical trial

10.4 Ensure that insurance companies provide coverage for participation in clinical trials


Originally presented at Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017, this “Spotlight” presentation is intended to be a fast-paced introduction to this objective.


A strategy action group has formed to work on strategy 10.1,  For more information, visit their group page.

At Cancer Summit Minnesota 2017 small groups discussed the strategies corresponding with this objective. Below are their compiled notes:

At the Summit attendees were also asked to make specific pledges to strategies to help move the work forward. Find the list of who committed to objective 10 strategies here (scroll down to view all the corresponding strategies).


Original Cancer Plan Treatment workgroup issue statement and draft objective on clinical trials.

Treatment workgroup page.


Coming soon!


Measure: Number of cancer patients participating in cancer treatment clinical trials
Data Source: TBD
Baseline: TBD Target: TBD