Cancer Resource Network

Cancer patients need many resources as they go through treatment and beyond.

The Cancer Resource Network provides a comprehensive source of information available to assist cancer patients and families find the resources they need 24 hours a day via phone or website search.

Newly designed magnets, take away cards, and display flyers make it easy for patients, families and organizations to connect. Created by the Minnesota Cancer Alliance and the American Cancer Society the materials can be ordered by e-mail. Small quantities are free; larger quantities are delivered at cost.

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Colorectal Cancer Resources
Survivor Care Plan

What’s Next? Life After Cancer Treatment in now available. The Survivor Care Plan Project Team has created this 25 page booklet to empower survivors in their post-treatment phase of their cancer journey.

What’s Next? Life After Cancer Treatment was designed specifically to:

  • help survivors document their cancer care experience, manage follow-up medical care, and understand short- and long-term side effects
  • provide information and directions for self-care
  • provide a platform for dialog between patients and their providers

“A survivor care plan is for the future-an empowering
reminder that you still have control of your life.”

Karen Karlscancer survivor

There are approximately 170,000 cancer survivors living in Minnesota. Post-treatment issues have become increasingly important as more and more people are living well beyond their initial cancer diagnosis due to advances in early detection and therapeutic technologies. This booklet is intended to help these survivors better understand and cope with the demands of post-treatment care.

Order What’s Next? Life After Cancer Treatment free of charge. (Limit of 100 copies). If more are needed, please contact Heather Hirsch at

To order 1-100 copies, please send request to:

Interested in individualizing the Care Plan for your organization?

The Minnesota Cancer Alliance wants to share the copyrighted Survivor Care Plan with others. If you are interested, the following restrictions and limitations apply:

*Ownership may not be transferred or sold. No part of the contents (including additions, edits, deletions, rearrangements, or formatting) may be modified or changed with the following exceptions:

  • Front cover: May add your health care organization’s logo, name, and identifying information and remove the Minnesota Cancer Alliance information
  • Page 2: May change “The Minnesota Cancer Alliance is pleased to provide this survivorship care plan…” to “The (your organization) is pleased to provide this survivorship care plan…”
  • Page 23: May add local or pertinent resources
  • Back cover content is not changed and the following additional information is included:
    – Reprinted with permission from the Minnesota Cancer Alliance
    – DATE

To recieve a copy of the design files to individualize the Survivor Care Plan for your organizations, complete and return this letter of intent to print.

For additional information, please contact

Cancer Survivor Care Plan (PDF)