Networks are comprised of Alliance members who meet to increase collaboration and coordination and reduce duplication among Alliance partners around a specific topic.

Commission on Cancer Network

The Alliance’s Commission on Cancer (CoC) Network is a vehicle for bringing together representatives of Commission on Cancer hospitals and clinics, the Alliance and the American Cancer Society to augment the impact of all three entities’ complementary programs and services. CoC facilities treat a large percent of newly-diagnosed cancer patients, making them ideal partners to improve cancer prevention, treatment, research, education, support services, survivorship and end of life care.

The Minnesota CoC Network works with the Minnesota Cancer Alliance and the American Cancer Society to:

  • Provide professional development opportunities;
  • Encourage the sharing of best practices;
  • Make ACS programs and information readily available to CoC facilities working to achieve quality cancer care standards;
  • Engage network participants and their host institutions in Alliance activities and initiatives;
  • Actively involve CoC hospitals and clinics in the local implementation of CancerPlan Minnesota objectives.

The network will meet quarterly during 2015. Dr. Richard Zera, a surgeon at Hennepin County Medical Center and state chair for Minnesota’s Commission on Cancer facilities, and Holly Guerrero, senior manager, hospital systems for ACS, co-chair the group. Look for dates, locations and networking topics on the Alliance’s events calendar.

For more information about the Minnesota CoC Network, please contact Holly Guerrero at or Michelle Strangis at

Colon Cancer Network

The Alliance’s Colon Cancer Network provides a forum for members to share updates and coordinate activities in support of the Alliance’s goal to increase colon cancer screening rates. Quarterly meetings often focus on increasing access to, delivery of or demand for screening through programs like Sage Scopes, clinic learning collaboratives or community health worker initiatives.

For more information about this group, please contact Matt Flory at or by phone 651-255-8190.

Cancer Health Equity Network

The Cancer Health Equity Network (CHEN) was established to address cancer health equity at every opportunity. The Network strives to advance cancer health equity through information sharing, education, and feedback to the Alliance. Disparities-related data and information gathered by the Network serve as resources for Alliance projects and planning as the organization works to achieve cancer health equity. Amber Cardinal of the American Indian Cancer Foundation and Kiara Ellis of the Masonic Cancer Center co-chair the network.

To join, contact Kiara Ellis at