The purpose of the Policy Committee is to provide direction, planning, and general oversight to policy issues that relate to reducing the burden of cancer. The committee exists in order to monitor emerging issues and make recommendations to the Minnesota Cancer Alliance Steering Committee regarding positions and actions. Members will use the Cancer Plan Minnesota as its basis, and work on behalf of the Alliance.


Policy committee members will be familiar with the basic issues of policy development frameworks, evidence-based interventions, and cancer prevention. Membership will consist of representatives from Alliance members, partner organizations, issue experts, and at least one staff member from the American Cancer Society, Midwest Division. Comprehensive Cancer program staff will provide support.


This committee will:

  • Review information and requests prepared by Alliance members and staff
  • Consider requests for Alliance endorsement of policy and system change initiatives
  • Prioritize policy, systems, and environmental interventions that are in support of the Minnesota Cancer Plan
  • Implement and monitor policy and systems projects approved by Steering Committee
  • Educate the public on potential policy solutions to health issues
  • Ensure that Cancer Alliance activities coordinate with relevant stakeholders
  • Communicate policy and systems change positions on behalf of the Alliance
  • Recruit new committee members who will enhance policy reach and outcomes

Time Commitment

The work of this committee will take place primarily via e-mail and conference call meetings. Meetings will occur on a quarterly basis and will last no longer than two hours. Between conference calls, members will be expected to review material relevant to future meetings


As delegated by the Steering Committee, the Policy Committee has the authority to take action to support policy initiatives that promote the objectives in Cancer Plan Minnesota. Policy Committee members who wish to have the committee act in support of a policy initiative must present a written request to the committee and receive the support of a majority of the committee members. Voting can be conducted by e-mail. The written request must include:

  • The policy initiative
  • The related objective(s) in Cancer Plan Minnesota
  • How the policy initiative will benefit by support from the Alliance, and
  • The proposed activities to support the policy initiative and the member(s) responsible for those activities. This will include identifying one member who will be the Policy Committee designee for the initiative and will be responsible for coordinating Alliance activities related to the request.


One year, with option of renewing. The Policy Committee chair will be appointed by the Alliance chair.


The Policy Committee chair will report to, review, and discuss committee activities with the Steering Committee.

Adopted 4/04/12 | Revised 11/21/13


Warren Larson, Sanford Health, warren.larson@sanfordhealth.org

Staff Support:

Michelle Strangis, michelle.strangis@state.mn.us or 651-201-5094.