The Evaluation Advisory Committee exists 1) to ensure the overall quality and usefulness of evaluation data obtained; 2) to report findings to Minnesota Cancer Alliance (MCA) members and stakeholders; and 3) to ensure that evaluation findings are used to inform decisions. The purview of the Evaluation Advisory Committee includes MCA operations, MCA-sponsored projects, and MCA outcomes.


Evaluation Advisory Committee Members should be familiar with the objectives, indicators and strategies outlined in Cancer Plan Minnesota and with the purpose and operating structure of the MCA. Evaluation Advisory Committee members do not need to have evaluation expertise, but should have a general interest in ensuring that the Alliance uses data to guide decisions. Ad hoc members with specific expertise will be invited to participate as needed.


The evaluation advisory committee will:

  • Provide input on the planning and implementation of MCA evaluation activities (including evaluation priorities, indicators, methods and tools) related to MCA committees, networks, projects, and other MCA-related work
  • As time and resources allow, respond to specific requests for evaluation assistance from MCA leadership and project teams and to evaluation requirements from funders
  • Ensure that data are reported in a timely and appropriate way to the MCA Steering Committee and other stakeholders
  • Assist in interpreting evaluation data and making recommendations for action based on the data
  • Provide input on measures to be included in Cancer Plan Minnesota, review progress toward Cancer Plan Minnesota objectives on an annual basis, and provide input on how best to report this progress to MCA stakeholders
  • Advise the MCA Steering Committee regarding evaluation requirements and resource needs

Time Commitment

The work of this group will take place via e-mail, conference calls and/or in-person meetings. Meetings (by phone or in person) will occur about six times per year. Between meetings, members will be expected to review material relevant to future meetings. Committee members’ terms will run for one year and can be renewed.


Committee meeting summaries will be submitted to the MCA Steering Committee.

Adopted April 2013; revised October 2016


Jerri Hiniker, Stratis Health, jhiniker@stratishealth.org

Staff Suport:

Lisa Gemlo, lisa.gemlo@state.mn.us, 651-201-3661