The Minnesota Cancer Alliance committees are comprised of Alliance members and are responsible for various functions of the Alliance including overall governance, evaluation, membership, and financial matters.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee monitors progress toward meeting the objectives of Cancer Plan Minnesota. It is also responsible for ensuring the overall quality and usefulness of evaluation data obtained and reporting results to the Steering Committee, its partners and funding agencies.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps engage Minnesota’s cancer community in the implementation of Cancer Plan Minnesota through membership in the Minnesota Cancer Alliance. The team helps recruit and retain members, orient new members and recruit individuals to serve on the Steering Committee.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee provides direction, planning, and general oversight to policy issues that relate to reducing the burden of cancer. The committee exists in order to monitor emerging issues and make recommendations to the Steering Committee. Members use Cancer Plan Minnesota as the committee’s foundation, and work on behalf of the Alliance.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides leadership and strategic and policy direction for the Alliance. Its members — all volunteers — are responsible for implementing Cancer Plan Minnesota.